Screen printing

Screen printing is the most common and cost efficient printing technology. This technique is suitable for positioned printing of single or multiple color logos in fixed (pantone) colors. With screen printing it is possible to print a rasterised logo, but it is not possible to print shades, gradients or photoprints. You can print to a max. coverage of 30 to 40% of the surface. For screen printing each color of the artwork has to be separated and made into a film. Each film is transferred onto a screen, enabling to print each color one by one onto the fabric using special ink and a squeegee.

EUFar East
Delivery time14 days7 to 14 weeks (air or sea)
Max. print colors5 colors14 colors
Max. print size body30 x 30 cmall over, into seams, excluding handles
Max. print size pocket8 x 7,5 cmall over, into seams
Max. coverage30-40% surface30-40% surface
Bag color(4 or 6) standard colors any