Recycle Bags shoppers are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The material is super light and strong enough to carry the daily groceries and can be used over and over again. With the use of a Recycle Bags shopper instead of a single-use plastic bag you can help to reduce litter and protect our oceans and wildlife. It is one of the easiest but most impactful steps you can take towards a sustainable lifestyle!


The foldable shoppers are very convenient and can also be carried around your shoulder! They have a handy folding pouch stitched into the bag and will easily fit in your handbag, briefcase or coat pocket. You are always ready for unexpected supermarket stop offs! Stash them in your car, most used handbags or cycle bag and anywhere else you might need them. Everybody will love to use this practical eco-friendly shopper!


The shoppers are available from stock in 4 different colors and printed from 100 pcs. A logo or promotional message can be easily printed on the bags and folding pouch. The shoppers can be customized from 500 pcs according to customer requirements. From changing to a non-standard color fabric, to multiple color screen-printing, all over printing (into seams) or even your own shape and size bag. Recycle Bags can deliver your order from stock within 14-days and custom-made from 6 weeks.


Make a difference and promote your brand & commitment to environmental sustainability with a sustainable shopper!