Today, Recycle Bags has given pupils of the Jan Ligthart primary school in Zutphen a lesson in sustainability. Every day millions of plastic bottles are used worldwide. These bottles pollute the environment, they end up in nature and in the water … and this creates ‘plastic soup’.

Peter van der Sandt of Recycle Bags has explained and showed a video to the children that used plastic bottles can also be collected to make new products. That is what Recycle Bags does! Used plastic bottles are washed, ground into pieces, melted and then threads are ‘pulled’. Fabric is woven from the threads, from which bags are then sewn. Recycle Bags hopes that the children will ensure that plastic does not end up in the environment.

By collecting plastic bottles, pupils from the Jan Ligthart elementary school raise money for new playgrounds in the schoolyard. Recycle Bags thinks this is a great initiative and has given all children a ‘Recycle Buddy’. This bag is made of 3 used plastic bottles and specifically intended for the collection of used plastic bottles. The Recycle Buddy can use the children to collect as many deposit bottles as possible for the renovation of the schoolyard.